Transaction Coordinator

Transaction Coordinator
Transaction Coordinator

Hannah Ackley is the newest member of Wessel Team Home Sales but picked up

the business quickly due to being Leslie’s right-hand gal or more officially the

team's Transaction Coordinator. Hannah’s get it done yet friendly personality is

so appreciated by the team and our clients as she helps every day behind the

scenes to get listings to market and transactions to the closing table! Hannah was

born in St. Joseph, MO and grew up South of Wichita in Haysville with her

parents and a younger sister! She still enjoys living in a small town but close to all

of the big city amenities. Hannah’s favorite pastime is playing with her toddler

aged nieces.

Hannah’s official duties include managing the intricate paperwork needed to keep

the Kansas Real Estate Commission happy, man-aging our extensive social media,

and she also meets and communicates with contractors to help get our listings

ready to sell and finally to negotiate and get re-pairs done prior to closings. Hannah is always available to help and meet our wonderful clients in addition to our great agents!